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Important Information

To all the new grade 7 students and families, and all the other new students who have transferred in to L.Y.Cairns, we welcome all of you.
To all the excited students going into grade 10.  Good luck with your first year into High School.   And for all the students where this is your graduating year, how exciting of a year this will be for you, and your parents.
I would like to Welcome Ben Petruk, the new assistant principal for all Jr.High students.  Ms.Jana Pedersen is now a principal, and we will all miss her very much and her kind and gentle ways she had with all our children, and we are excited to work with Mr.Petruk who is strong in technology, and keen on seeing everyone of our children succeed. 
The role of PAC is to help build parental communities to help bring all our knowledge and resources together to make things easier and stronger for our children.  Often in PAC's when you attend a meeting you are often then to volunteer and it has been our goal to do all we can to minimize that, so you feel welcomed to attend meetings to learn more, come away with more resources for your children and you. There will be times that we do ask for volunteers but will be very transparent ahead so you don't feel pressured at a meeting. We will have a list of meetings coming up this year that we all voted on last June that we feel will empower not only the parent but the child as well.
We have found Saturday morning meetings to have the highest attendance for our meetings as it allows families to set up daycare if needed to attend, it also allows families to not feel rushed or burnt out at the end of the day.
Our Edmonton Police resource officer will run a cyber bullying/ texting presentation at one of our PAC meetings in November so please keep an eye on schoolzone and we will be getting the students to take home notes for you to read of up and coming events.
We are looking for a treasurer for the PAC, it requires 2 hours per month to keep the books up to date.  If you have an accounting background or previous treasure experience, and think you can donate 2 hours per month, please either contact the general email address for the school or come to the AGM meeting, and parent council meeting will be Saturday September 19th at 10 am, coffee and homemade baked goods ( baked by the students of LY) will be served.
Meet the teacher night is on September 17th!
We also will be having our Casino on January 17th and January 18th, all volunteers are gratefully appreciated.  Due to provincial cut backs, the school is doing more with less.  Often in our busy lives we assume that others who volunteer lots will take care of the need for us.  Please know that your help, the help of your relatives, friends that support your child's needs is critical as a school community to come together and volunteer, it means a great deal to school, it will mean a greater deal to your child.
I look forward to meeting you all and if there is anything you would like to see added or changed, we welcome that discussion as your voice is very important.  Look forward to hopefully seeing you all at the next PAC meeting.
Lori Fankhanel
Sep 12Updated

September 22nd, is PHOTO DAY!

Sep 12Updated
Meet the teacher night September 14th!

School Fees

-Locks $5
-  Grade 7 Camp: $60 (payments can be made toward this through the year)
-  Yearbook: $25