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Clubs & Activities

There are numerous activities for students to become involved in during and after school:

Extra-Curricular Activities Happening at LY CAIRNS

Please contact the teacher if interested.

Floor Hockey- Teacher in Charge Jan.Kirkham@epsb.ca

Senior Basketball- Teachers in Charge- Henry.Quaye@epsb.ca  Sarah.Worth@epsb.ca

Junior Basketball- Teachers in Charge- Erin.yaschuk@epsb.ca  Hien.Lu@epsb.ca

Wrestling- Teacher in Charge Ian.Rousseau@epsb.ca

Beading Club- Teacher in Charge Glenda.thiel@epsb.ca

Animation Club- Teacher in Charge Victoria.Stusiak@epsb.ca

Sewing Club- Teacher in Charge Susan.Sanders@epsb.ca

 At lunch, students can take part in numerous supervised activities including:

  • Sports and intramurals
  • Fitness room-aerobic and weight training equipment
  • Computer room-Internet access for information, research and games

LYC Clothing Order Form

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