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RAP - Registered Apprenticeship Program

Earn while you learn...

The RAP program allows students to earn hours toward their apprenticeship training while going to school. Students receive school credits and a wage for their time working in a trade. They also receive apprenticeship hours once they are registered with the Alberta Apprenticeship Board.

Students are required to apply. They must be passing credit level courses and they are also required to complete job safety training courses. Students are encouraged to enter RAP in Year 11. 

Senior Work Experience

Work Experience is integral to preparing our students for the future. Each school year, students complete two work experience placements within the community. Work Experience provides students with the opportunity to learn appropriate social behavior and employability skills. These placements last for three weeks at a job site away from the school. During these placements, students do not attend classes at school.

In preparation for the external Work Experience component, students are taught job search methods, resumé preparation, interview skills and employability skills. It is the student’s responsibility to find a Work Experience placement with help from family, friends and teachers. Students are guided throughout the entire process by teachers and our Work Experience office. L.Y. Cairns has Work Experience partnerships with approximately 1500 businesses.

Senior Work Experience 15, 25, 35 (3-5 credits per course, dependent upon hours of work completed)