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Welcome to L. Y. Cairns School, home of the Colts! I hope you find our website informative and
useful. L. Y. Cairns School, in my opinion, is truly an outstanding school. We are never satisfied
and we are constantly seeking ways to improve for the benefit of our students, our staff, our
school district and our community. We are committed to the education of our students and
working with them to achieve at their highest possible levels.
At L. Y. Cairns School, we are all about the success of our students.  We believe that it will take
all of us (parents, staff, community), to be successful in providing our students with the best
education possible. We pride ourselves in offering top notch academic and vocational programs
which provide our students with amazing learning \experiences.
Our staff is truly amazing. In addition to their regular assignments, staff members volunteer to
run clubs, coach teams, and organize activities before school, at lunch time and after school.
They constantly go above and beyond the call of duty to assist students and meet all individual
needs. Our staff has helped us to create a climate dedicated to learning, living and laughing!
Parents, I urge you, to be involved with your child. We are here and willing to assist in anyway
possible, however, we need to have open lines of communication and work together to ensure a
successful school experience for your children. School can pose some challenges but with us
working together, we will certainly overcome them.
Students get ready for exciting, fun and rewarding time at our school. I encourage you to get
involved with activities, and focus on your education and leave a legacy at our school. We are
very interested in your results, not your excuses! Shoot for the stars! We believe that you are
Again, welcome to L. Y. Cairns School. We are so proud that you are or considering being a part
of our family. With us working together with optimism, enthusiasm and a sense of belonging as
well as encouraging each other, we will take the education of our children to the next level. I
look forward to getting to know you and developing a quality relationship that will foster success
for all. 

Errol Johnson

L.Y.Cairns is a school that provides meaningful learning experiences that will enable all students to attain at their highest possible levels and all staff members to grow professionally and personally in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The staff, students, their families and the community will work collaboratively as we pursue the mission of excellence results from each member of our school family.